Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Here come the girls...

The 'Undeniably intelligent designer' Phoebe Philo

The 'Hold your breath while you watch' Mary katrantzou

Ok, so not strictly a 'solo' female, but a female in partnership non the less:

The ' I want everything in the collection' Thea Bazzetti (Preen)

The 'Parisian cool' Calla Hayden (Calla)

The 'aspirational' Olsen twins (The Row)

Following Raf Simon's move to Dior (More on THAT later) a good friend of mine made an observantly valid point...
He said, "Why are all the biggest designer's men?"  
I was just about to correct him when I realised that when it comes to the Heavy hitters and couturiers of the fashion world, he isn't too far off the mark.
The Big fashion houses are steeped in history and they are very incestuous when it comes to their hiring techniques... Lagerfeld, Galliano, Simon's,Tisci, Jacob's and Pilati are all near god-like when it comes to their knowledge and talent but they all have one appendage that no woman can compete with, no matter how hard she tries.
I suppose the old adage of, 'If it ain't broke, don't fix it' is very apt here.
So in light of this, I decided to pay homage to the wave of female designers who are making their mark with their beautiful, innovative and inspiring designs - not only the fashion world but the streets also, with a whole army of women exhibiting their own take on these beautiful designs!

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