Monday, 23 April 2012

Lazy Sundays...

Jumper: Zara
Pyjama bottoms: M&S
Shoes: Ebay
Bag: Milan

There is something about Sundays that makes you want to lay on the sofa and watch old films, wishing that you were mincing about, getting caught up in antics involving a cruise ship or old steam train- whilst donning every garment from Auntie Mames wardrobe.
This Sunday, however, was spent traipsing all over the city looking for a new pair of glasses for the boyfriend (his eyesight is deteriorating and if it is going to go, it's going to go in style!)
Pyjama dressing is positively genius! Heavily exhibited in Stella McCartney's SS12 collection.
 I found these little beauties in M&S at Christmas, they flow when you walk with the kind of grace a kin to a ribbon in the wind.
This jumper is my go-to knit on days like today, when you just want to relax- warm on the top, comfortable on the bottom- the most practical outfit I think I have ever worn (minus the five inch heels ;).


  1. You have really amazing taste, lovely outfit. I know this is mostly a fashion blog but could you post about your favourite make up products sometime? x

    1. Thank you Celina, you're very kind! A few people have asked me about that, so I will get on that :) xx