Friday, 27 April 2012

It isn't easy being green...

Shoes: H&M £24.99

I am currently bogged down with Uni work as my final deadline is looming... As a result of this my posting patterns have become sporadic at best and I have become somewhat of a recluse- I cannot remember the last time I had some much needed quality time with my girlfriends!

To make matters worse, my final project is to make a magazine so I am torturing myself daily looking at an abundance of clothes to put in said magazine.
However, one good thing has come out of this, I saw these little beauties a few months back on a blog, they are my perfect Summer shoe; simple in design, bold in colour and just the right amount of Celine inspiration/ straight up copy and a snip at just £24.99!
 I have always just missed grabbing them before they sold out but through my incessant internet trawling I managed to bag them before they went :) Every cloud...

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