Tuesday, 22 May 2012


CHASE magazine monthly feature

I cannot wait to introduce you to a wonderful project I have recently had the privilege to work on.
 CHASE magazine is the North Eats newest fashion and lifestyle magazine.

 The brain child of the truly inspirational Lisa Elliott (she's put everything into starting a magazine from scratch, funded solely by herself... if that's not girl power, then I don't know what is?!)

The magazine aims to highlight the beautiful, inspirational fashion that is available to us in the North and to expose a city that is a hub of style, creativity and art.
Wonderful photo shoots, event reviews and compelling features all taking place in and around the North East make this magazine so very special.

With a team consisting of some of the best creative's in the North; Chris Davis of Specular , Marie Harkness of Harkness, UNIT44, Carly Musleh of Beautysauce, Georgia  Claire of Georgia Claire Photography Daniel Bonar of Daniel Bonar Salon and...me of well, here! This project is only going to get bigger and better.

I have a monthly double page spread in the magazine, sort of like my blog.
It consists of things I'm loving, fashion, trends, outfit posts and everything in between so you can catch up with what I'm up to- I will also be contributing some features, art directing and styling photo shoots with aforementioned creative's.

The magazine is free and distributed  all over the City so you can pick one up in any coffee shop, boutique, restaurant, personal shopping suit... even through your front door if you're lucky ;)
or follow on Twitter @chase_magazine

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