Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Blonde Ambition?

That age old question of, "Do Gentlemen prefer blondes?" is one that has plagued the mind of this Brunette's head for some time- not in the occupying my life kind of way.
More an enquiring mind wanting to know.
There are a plethora of cliches regarding blondes, "blondes have more fun" being one such example- but few that relate to Brunettes, apart from: "Men have fun with blondes and settle down with brunettes" (Something I am suspicious was fabricated by the latter in order to make herself feel better.)
The whole idea that a hair colour can define your character seems ludicrous, but that is exactly what many Hollywood icon's based their entire career on:

Marilyn Monroe- Dumb blonde

Grace Kelly- Angelic virgin Blonde

Sophia Loren- Smouldering dark siren

Audrey Hepburn- Classy and demure brunette

It would also seem that things haven't changed much in 60 years. We still have the ethereal, nymph like beauty's and Bombshell ideals of forgoing fair headed beauties.

If you happen to have a spare 40 minutes ( I know it seemed like I was going to say four there... yeah, sorry about that!) and are not bored by this whole subject (quite likely)
Take a listen to this radio 4 story by Lois Banner (author of Marilyn's best selling biography) about Marilyn herself and how she was forever trying to escape the very ideal she is best known for... it seems brains AND beauty are the most covetable shade (is it strange that I automatically want to write 'of Grey' after that? Damn book.) Regardless of your hair colour.

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