Thursday, 2 August 2012

Show me your kitten heel...

Kitten heels: Zara

Some love' em, some hate 'em, some couldn't care less!
I always thought that I was averse to a heel lower than 4 inches (being from a city where you practically walk out of the womb in stilettos will do that to a gal)
But my feet have paid the price. Hours of walking, running and even on some occasions hurdling- cobbles are a bitch! Have all led me to hold a warmer reception toward this vertigo defiant stiletto.
The reasons are three fold:

1. You instantly feel classier in a lower heel, don't ask me why- it's the same logic as sunglasses giving  you that 'instant cool' 

2. If they're good enough for Hepburn and the Olsen's they're good enough for me.

3. They're the perfect day to night shoe, you don't feel like a dirty stop out at work and don't feel too underdressed in the bar after (both equally important).

4. (I know I said three, but it's my list so I will add one more) The high street is absolutely nailing this trend- see picture for point and case.

Don't get me wrong, I still love my statement skyscrapers, but I think I will keep them big ol' blocks for when I need to dodge the snow! 
Viva la kitten!


  1. Oooh stop it! Desperate for these Zara shoes, but I was a little unsure on the thicker strap and buckle but on your ankle they look so good! xx

    1. Haha- do it! They're the most comfortable heels I have had in a while- about to get my Olympic on in these babies! xx