Thursday, 9 August 2012

Peplum unite...

 Top: H&M
Trousers: Zara
Jacket: Topshop unique
Shoes: H&M
Brolly: Unknown

Ahh yes, the peplum. Friend or foe? 
I personally find it one of the most flattering way's to draw attention to the waist (I'm slightly averse to belts that hold no 'real' function... call it an aversion or intrepid hatred, either way, contrived clothing is a massive bugbear of mine.)
With the female form being so heavily celebrated this season- and so it should be *goddesses* the peplum is back in a major way for AW. 
After a wee nod last season, the big boys came out with all guns a blazing in the way of some suurious waist accessorising- enter my double peplum/ superhero union.
Black and blue is another one of those, should I, shouldn't I situations.
I say should- they are, after all, close friends of the palette and if you choose the right shades they can merge seamlessly into one.
The brolly was an accident that turned out to be pretty well matched to the shoes, accidental accessories- my favourite!


  1. I really want to find a peplum tshirt, I can only find sleeveless styles. I think they are so flattering.

  2. Yes the peplum is definitely a friend it was practically created to accentuate the womanly figure what is there not to love! Especially love how you styled it with the strategic random pop of yellow which sets of the look! Also your writing style is amazing & so is your blog! Definitely following xox


  3. And your interning at Elle how Amazing!! :)