Saturday, 25 August 2012

That extra half inch...

Jumper: H&M
Trousers: Zara
Bag: Tila March

Every season there is a 'shoe' - I am very aware that this sounds both completely obvious and ambiguous at the same time, but stick with me here.
A champion shoe, like a cult tote, is that one garment you just cannot get away from. 
Every fashion ed or fashion girl worth her salt will own said garment and the whole of the fashion world will be awash with these heavenly pieces leaving the rest of the world floundering in a pool of their own lust/ drool.
These be such shoes.
Currently the protagonist of my sartorial love story, (along with Celine, well, everything!) 
They're all a girl could ask for from her winter formal...

1. Midi heel (apparently that sounds better than 'kitten') 
2. Shiny enough to check your makeup in-  always have to have a back up! 
3. Perfect day to night shoe with just the right amount of business at the front, party at the back
4. Investment piece... When is Valentino ever NOT an investment

I do feel, however, (after I have conviced myself that theyre worth a months rent?!) That I may get the slip on version as there is something about 'slipping on' a pair of beautiful shoes that touches you in a special place... Laces kind of take the magic out of it,  don't you think? 

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